What’s Under My Clay Roof Tiles?

If you own a tile roofed home, you may have wondered what it looks like under those tiles, especially if they have been there for some time.

In the first image below, we have just removed the existing tiles from this roof and what you see is what is left behind. It’s not a pretty site, especially when you realize this is what protects your attic from harm.

What Lies Beneath - Before

The next image below is the stage just before re-tile completion, where we re-lay the roof tiles in stacks. With these before and after images, you can see what fresh battens and underlayment looks like versus battens and underlayment that is literally crumbling and collecting dirt and debris.

What Lies Beneath - After

If you don’t already know the health of your roof, we are here to help. Call us today to discuss your roofing needs.

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