Pigeons, Roof Rats and Other Critters

Keep your roof protected from uninvited guests like rats and pigeons!

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Pigeons and Birds

Birds can be beautiful from a distance, but specific birds like pigeons can cause all sorts of problems for your roof and your home if they find their way in. Birds can cause damage and needed roof repairs and could also make for hazards in your home.

Pigeon droppings are very acidic and can eat through the protective coating on your roof. When the surface burns away, it can cause your shingles to curl and loosen the granules. Pigeon droppings can even allow moisture to seep down under the top layers of your roof.

Rats, Bats, Squirrels and Raccoons

Because you probably don’t go into your attic often, your attic makes for a perfect place for small mammals like rats and squirrels to build their homes. Rats will search over your roof to find areas that look weak and easy to tear their way through. Once they find a place, they can claw and gnaw through the barrier that’s meant to keep you safe and dry and get inside your home.

If you have overhangs on your roof, make sure to check those as well. These openings can make a perfect entry point for small creatures. Have your roof regularly inspected to ensure you aren’t leaving yourself open to rats, bats, and more.

Don't let rats get under your roof. We can do something about it.

Pigeons & Rats in Your Roof
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