How Do I Know If I Need a Roof Replacement?

Have you been noticing your roof sagging a bit? How about shingles that have been worn or detached? When you are trying to save money and build your finances, it’s sometimes hard to face roofing issues because of the costs. However, moisture pooling up in weak places over time can lead to much bigger problems. This is the case especially if weight is distributed unevenly across your roof. Keep your home safe and secure by keeping your roof intact. Whether you need a full roof replacement or a partial replacement, contact Sunland Development Corporation – Roofing Division to get a free roofing estimate. Need financing? Sunland Development Corporation has partnered with BBVA Compass Bank, GreenSky and Aero Federal Credit Union to provide you with numerous financing options to help should the need arise.

How Do I Know If I Need a Roof Replacement?

Some Common Signs Your Roof Could Use a Replacement

After an intense hail storm, your roof can take quite the beating. If you have received significant storm damage or if you see any of these signs that have formed over time, we recommend getting a replacement as soon as possible. Something that homeowners often forget is that an unmaintained roof will eventually damage the interior structure of the home.

  • Mold, mildew or rot
  • Curled, cracked or bald shingles
  • Roof is over 15 – 20 years old
  • Roof is sagging
  • Watermarks on your ceiling or walls
  • And more

Quick Tip: Perform Regular Inspections

After 23+ years as the #1 Arizona roofing company, we’ve seen the causes of a damaged roof and what happens when those signs are ignored for too long. Whether your roof has visible damage or hidden leakage, the results are the same. Make sure you keep your roof in check by taking a close look at your roof every once in a while. Here at Sunland Development Corporation, we recommend checking your roof after a major storm or if you haven’t inspected your roof in a while.

Get a Free Roof Replacement Estimate

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